PA-A series is consist of each 60W/120W/240W output models, and this mixing amplifier
can be applied to everywhere due to both usage High-Z(100V/70V) and Low-Z(4Ω/8Ω).
It provides not only MIC, LINE but also variety of audio inputs such as AUX, TEL IN and additional
functions such as tone control of BASS/TREBLE, and priority mode.
Especially, users can operate the device for announcement and broadcast easily via interacting
RM-05A which is exclusive remote microphone


● High Efficiency Class-D Amplifier
  - High efficiency, low power consumption due to Class-D amplifier.

● Various Input Terminal
  - 3 MIC Inputs, 2 Line Inputs, 1 Stereo Line Input, TEL IN and EXT IN input

● Input / Output Monitoring
  - Built-in input signal display LED and output level display LED (7 Dots) per channel

● Tone Control
  - Depending on the frequency used, there are treble and bass controllers to adjust the tone to suit your surroundings and purpose. (At 100Hz and 10kHz,each adjustable ± 10dB)

● Speaker Selection Switch
  - Selective-zone / All-zone broadcast by 5 speaker selection switches and a switch for all.

● Priority Broadcast Function
  - Priority broadcasting function is adopted which can control other input signals by input signal of TEL IN and INPUT 1. (TEL IN >> INPUT 1 >> INPUT 2~6)

● User Friendly Features
  - Chime and Siren, EXT IN, MIX OUT

● Phantom Power Support
  - PHANTOM POWER support for high intensity condenser microphone (INPUT 1~3)


Model PA-60A PA-120A PA-240A
Output Power
(1kHz, THD 1%)
70V/100V 60W 120W 240W
40W 120W 180W
60W 160W 240W
Frequency Response (1W, ±3dB) LINE 80Hz~17kHz
MIC 100Hz~15kHz
THD+N (Rated Power, 1kHz) 1% max
S/N LINE More than 70dB
MIC More than 50dB
Input Sensitivity / Impedance
Input 1~5/input impedance MIC -70dBu / 2kΩ (Balanced)
LINE -20dBu / 2kΩ (Balanced)
Input 6/input impedance RCA -20dBu / 2kΩ (UnBalanced)
3.5Φ PHONE JACK -10dBu / 10kΩ (UnBalanced)
TEL IN/input impedance -20~0dBu / 10kΩ (Balanced)
EXT IN/input impedance 0dBu / 20kΩ (Balanced)
MIX OUT/input impedance 0dBu / 10kΩ (Balanced)
Speaker output level / output impedance 100V / 167Ω
70V / 82Ω
100V / 84Ω
70V/ 41Ω
100V / 42Ω
70V / 21Ω
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ +40℃
Operating Power AC 220V, 230V, 240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption (1/8W output) 40W 60W 90W
Weight (set) 6.25kg/13.78lb 7.32kg/16.14lb 9.75kg/21.5lb
Dimensions (set) 420(W) x 88(H) x 318.7(D)mm/16.54(W) x 3.46(H) x 12.55(D)in

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