Inter-M is famous for it's beautiful, elegant designs and high reliability products. 
Present a new standard for the 5" ceiling speakers.


5" Full-range speaker

● Using High quality matching transformer (100V)

150mm cut-out dimension
  - With the same size of the ordinary cut-out dimension of lighting equipment, it is easy to conduct field installation.

Dust filter
  - Use a dust filter inside the grill to block dust ingress and maintain a clean grill.

Easy installation
  - It is easy to install as ceiling clip type without additional tools.


Model CS-503F CS-510F
Type 5" Full-range Ceiling Speaker 5" Full-range Ceiling Speaker
Driver 5" 5"
Power Handling(AES) 3W 10W
Input Power 100V 3/2/1W 10/5/3W
70V - -
Impedance 100V 3.3k/5k/10kΩ 1k/2k/3.3kΩ
70V - -
LOW - -
Power Selection By Wiring By Wiring
Frequency Response(-10dB) 150Hz ~ 20kHz 145Hz ~ 10kHz
Frequency Range(-20%) 130Hz ~ 20kHz 120Hz ~ 18kHz
Sensitivity (1W/1m, 1kHz) 87dB 86dB
Maximum SPL[Cont] 91dB 98dB
Nominal Dispersion(Conical) 1kHz 180˚  *1 180º *1
4kHz 76˚ 83˚
Input connection Bi-Wired INPUT Line Direct Connection
Enclosure Material ABS AF-303 V0  ABS AF-303 V0 
Enclosure Color(Front) White White
Grille Material ABS AF-303 V0  ABS AF-303 V0 
Grille Color IVORY IVORY
Cut-Out Diameter(Ø, mm) Ø150 Ø150
Weight (Net) 530g 690g
Dimensions (Ø(WxH)xD, mm) Ø177 x 102 Ø177 x 102
Weather Resistant - -
Flame resistant
Certification KS KS
Included Accessories - -


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