SWS series is providing a natural and smooth sound with a variety of It fits to any places that announcements and BGM required such as schools, government office, hotels and etc. And it ensures the quality
and durability by acquiring KS certification in the Korea's first.


● High quality speaker driver produce detail and rich sound

● Stylish and sleek design wall speaker

● Harmonized with general structure when installed

● Sound volume adjustable with attenuator (SWS-03A/10A)


Type6.5" Full-range Wall Speaker6.5" Full-range Wall Speaker6.5" Full-range Wall Speaker6.5" Full-range Wall Speaker
Power Handling (AES)3W3W10W10W
Input Power100V3W / 2W / 1W3/2/1W10W / 5W / 3W10/5/3W
Impedance100V3.3kΩ / 5kΩ / 10kΩ3.3k/5k/10kΩ1kΩ / 2kΩ / 3.3kΩ1k/2k/3.3kΩ
Power Selection-Rotary Switch-Rotary Switch
Frequency Response(-10dB)143Hz ~ 14.7kHz143Hz ~ 14.7kHz145Hz ~ 12.6kHz145Hz ~ 12.6kHz
Frequency Range(-20%)114Hz ~ 20kHz114Hz ~ 20kHz117Hz ~ 17.4kHz117Hz ~ 17.4kHz
Sensitivity (1W/1m, 1kHz)88dB88dB88dB88dB
Maximum SPL[Cont]93dB93dB98dB98dB
Nominal Dispersion(HxV)1kHz171˚ x 131˚171˚ x 131˚178˚ x 129˚178˚ x 129˚
4kHz50˚ x 49˚50˚ x 49˚49˚ x 49˚49˚ x 49˚
Input Connector4P Screw Terminal4P Screw Terminal4P Screw Terminal4P Screw Terminal
Enclosure ColorBlack/IvoryBlack/IvoryBlack/IvoryBlack/Ivory
Grill MaterialJerseyJerseyJerseyJersey
Grill ColorBlack/IvoryBlack/IvoryBlack/IvoryBlack/Ivory
Weights (Net)1.19kg1.21kg1.23kg1.28kg
Dimensions (Net, WxHxD, mm)182 x 274 x 120182 x 274 x 120182 x 274 x 120182 x 274 x 120
Weather Resistant----
Flame Resistant----
Included AccessoriesAnchor bolt x 1Anchor bolt x 1Anchor bolt x 1Anchor bolt x 1


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  • Health Care
  • Goverment & Military
  • Hospitality
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  • Performance Hall
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  • Evacuation
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