PMU-NA Series is a mixing amplifier with Network Streaming. It can be utilized from cafe and restaurant, 
where broadcasting of background music is the main purpose of the sound system, to conference room and cathedral,
where speech and live performance have to be made. 
With the 4.3 inch touch LCD and smart cover, volume of the audio can be separately controlled. Depending on the capacity and sort of the speaker, amplifier output of 240 W/600 W can be set 100 V/ 70 V / Low-Z. Moreover, built-in digital 6-BAND EQ and TONE setting will enable to build optimized audio system just with PMU-NA!


● Analog&Digital Mixing Amplifier

  - PMU-NA series receives analog audio through XLR, Phone(5.5mm, 3.5mm), Euro block and RCA terminal and receive digital 

audio through Network Streaming(AOE-212N, Internet Radio) and PC AUDIO. It can also play soundsources by itself by installing 

USB Memory.

● Easy installation 

  - With the 4.3 inch touch LCD, select icons to set digital audio sources, smart cover to interlock with LCD, volume and EQ.

● High-quality Sound Tuning through DSP

  - Using a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) built into the equipment can be control audio mixing, input/output volume, 

6-band EQ and tone. The user can tuning by a Rotary-push switches and LCD to implement the High-Quality audio environment.

● Speaker Output Design Corresponding to a Variety of Environments

  - Provide the High-Z (100 V/70 V) output terminal for commercial audio and the Low-Z (4 Ω) output terminal for professional audio. 

100 V/70 V/Low-Z can be selected via the touch LCD. High-Z (100 V/70 V) can be configured to controllable five output zones.

● Support Various Network Streaming Service

  - Inter-M of network transmission solutions AOE-212N and Internet radio, RTSP, etc. can receive the various network streaming service

and supports additional streaming service through software update.

● Advanced Buffer Management/Server Redundancy

  - Even when the network is in unstable situation, PMU-NA provides a seamless streaming playback through stream buffer management. If PMU-NA encounter problems connecting to the streaming server, it can configure a stable broadcast environment by automatically 

connecting to another server through server redundancy.


● Priority Function

  - Users can set priority of analog and digital audio inputs by grouping by 3 steps. According to priority setting, the higher priority 

audio input can adjust the other audio volumes to turn down or switch to silent mode.

● Various Contact Closure Inputs Function

  - Users can use a variety of contact closure functions by setting; muting the audio output, playing the chime sound, 

emergency broadcasting and macro function.

● Remote Control via PC

  - Users can control and manage from via PC from a far distance. Connect to PMU-NA through Ethernet and users can control the power, select digital audio input and adjust the volume and equalizer.

● Standby Mode

  - In order to operate the device efficiently, the PMU-NA has Standby Mode. If the device has no audio input for 

15 minutes or a user presses the power button, it will be switched to Standby Mode. When in Standby Mode, use LCD display

or the amplifier to minimize the power consumption.


Rated output (100 V/ 70V/ 4 Ω)
(@ THD : 1%, 1kH z, 20kH z LPF)
More than 240W More than 600W
Frequency response
(SP OUT/1W OUTPUT, 1kHz, ±3dB)
(@ RATED OUTPUT, 1kHz, 20kHz LPF)
Less than 0.3%
S/N @ Rated output
(S/N, A-WTD)
(at MIX OUT ) More than 100dB
Tone control (100Hz, 10kHz) ±10dB
Input sensitivity/
INPUT 1~2 MIC -55dBu / 2kΩ
INPUT 3~5 LINE -10dBu / 10kΩ
INPUT 6 -10dBu / 50kΩ
AUX -10dBu / 50kΩ
TEL IN 0dBu / 10kΩ
EXT IN 0dBu / 10kΩ
Output level MIX OUT 0dBu
HIGH-Z 100V / 41.6Ω
70V / 20.4Ω
100V / 16.6Ω
70V / 8.1Ω
LOW-Z 31V / 4Ω 49V / 4Ω
Phantom power 24V, 50mA
Input priority (Value) TEL IN > CH1, CH2, CHIME, EXT IN >
Communication standards Ethernet Network, 10/100 BASE-Tx
Operating temperature 10℃~+40℃
Power source AC 220-240V, 50~60H z
Power consumption 100W 150W
Weight (SET ) 5.47kg 5.67kg
Dimensions (SE T ) 420( W )×88(H)×319(D)mm

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