Since modern buildings tend to become enlarged and diversified, a central control system is no longer to meet market demands. Now, the market needs to utilize multi-bus broadcast system in one building, and this is why we need to establish a dispersion control system. To establish the dispersion control system, a main controller with audio matrix function is essential.
Our new NPX system is an audio matrix system which enables users to broadcast diversified sources selectively. 

NPX-8000 not only provides excellent performance with better S/N ratio and THD, but also realizes a high sound quality level accompanied with various functions of built-in DSP for input/output audio tuning.

This NPX system can be used in a variety of places requiring independent zoning control such as schools, hospitals, seminar rooms, hotels, restaurants and even conference centers that require high-quality sound systems.


● Advanced Audio Matrix System
  - Compare to the previous PX-8000 audio matrix system, NPX System introduces a whole advanced system which provides DSP (Digital Signal Processor) function for optimized audio tuning, and PC based program for remote control. Through NPX System, users can transmit multi-bus background music and paging broadcast to multiple output zone, and also can control broadcast output at assigned zone through local machine.
● 8x8 Analog Audio and Input/Output Configuration
  - The NPX-8000 consists of 8 channels of analog audio and contact input / output terminals. Users can input various sources such as CD, Tuner, MIC through analog audio input terminal. The input audio signal is output the sound through the analog audio output terminal according to the matrix settings of the NPX-8000. In addition, it can be linked with external equipment via 8 channel contact input / output terminals.

● Play Sound Source through SD Card
  - With a SD card, users can play background music without extra sound source devices.

● Audio Control through DSP
  Through DSP (Digital Signal Processor) in the NPX system, users can control HPF, LPF, EQ, Programmable Delay, Limiter, Mute, and Gain to acquire optimized sound in each audio environments. Through MP-8000 (PC program) or NLM-8000C/NC (local machine controller), users can control each zone’s volume and EQ.

● Various Front Status LED
  - Through NPX-8000’s front status indicator LED, users can check audio input/output status, power, LM/RM link, and software (MP-8000) connection status intuitively.

● Local Machines for Separate Control
  Through wall type local machine controllers in each zone, users can select audio source and control the volume. And users also can broadcast using own sound sources through wall type audio input device.

 Remote MIC for Paging Broadcast
  - Users can do paging broadcast using remote MIC for calling and announcement. They can choose a broadcasting zone through front LCD and 10-key buttons, and also broadcast sign-on/off signal through chime button.

● PC Program or Mobile App for System Control and Management
We also provide PC program for the NPX System Control and Management. Users can control every device in the system intuitively through PC program which connects to Ethernet network.


Model NPX-8000
Data Communication
Communication Type Contact Closure, RS-232C
RM, LM Port : CAN
Ethernet Network : LAN(TCP/IP)
Contact Closure Input/Output Input 8 Channels,
Output 8 Channels,
Communication Speed CAN : 20kbps,
LAN(TCP/IP) : 100Mbps
Serial 115200bps
Communication Length CAN : MAX 300m, LAN(TCP/IP) : MAX 100m
Audio Specification
Input Sensitivity -60~+23dBu
Output Level 0dBu (AIM GAIN=0)
Signal to Noise (20kHz LPF) MIC : More than 55dB
Line : More than 75dB
THD (20kHz LPF) MIC : Less than 0.5%
Line : Less than 0.2%
Frequency Response 40Hz~18kHz (DSP Bypass) 0dBu±3dBu
Operation Temperature -10℃ ~ +40℃
Power Source AC 120-240V, 50/60Hz, DC 24V
Weight (set)  4.2kg/9.26lb 
Dimensions (set)  482(W) x 44(H) x 320(d)mm/19(W) x 1.7(H) x 12.6(D)in

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