CLA-8K is designed for line array so it is possible to use in diversity locations. The 8” high quality of low sound driver was settled and two of 1” high output titanium tweeter is installed at waveguide so it can be made line sound of high level for necessary source of line array. Base on the 1 degree, Each speaker can be controlled the degree from 0 to 10 degree and the degree of array is decided according to top and bottom angle of each speaker. The high output tweeter that is installed in waveguide passes on stable sound signal to 90 degree of wide range and clearer sound can be played using by paging plug. When the full range of array is composed, the arrangement of only CLA-8K can be played wide range of frequency. For music performance and other events, it is possible to install with sub woofer, CLA-18SK, as flying type or ground stack to reinforce low sound. The cabinet of CLA-8K is made by premium Birch plywood which made in North Europe and the front panel is manufactured by steel grill. Also, the handle grips are settled on the right and left sides for carrying with flying tools made by steel. The installment of frying speak can make through this frying tools. The two pieces of NL4 connectors can be connect with power amplifier by directly or connect with speaker in parallel.


- High quality driver 

   CLA-K series used the high quality driver for producing of dynamic sound and enough low sound. The driver that is used 

   for CLA-K has consistent quality and high durability and can be helped to operate stably under diversity circumstances. 

   LF driver use the forced cooling system for maximum of thermal efficiency and driver for high sound use titanium having 

   low harmonics for playing without any distortion of sound. 

- Waveguide 

   The line array uses the ware guide for the minimizing of mutual interruption. This guide make to change the source of 

   high sound from circular wave to linear wave so the mutual interruption become minimized when several speaker installed 

   as one array. Also, the design of CLA-K series are optimized for size of waveguide and CLA-K series improve the character 

   of high sound. 

- Compact size of acoustic enclosure 

   Module type of speaker as present line array needs the compact size for interior. The enclosing is designed for providing both

   powerful low sound and high sound pressure. So, even the compact size of CLA-K series can be working very well. Also, the 

   clear sound can be provided as blocking of internal resonance and absorbing of unnecessary energy by high density of 

   sound- absorbing material. 

- Strong and accurate rigging system 

   The rigging system that used for CLA-K series was made for the safe installation of flying, so it is possible to install strongly. 

   The control of array for one degree can be possible from 0 degree to 10 degree and Based on the safe rate,5:1, 24 boxes of 

   CLA-5K can be installed for one array and 16 boxes of CLA-8K can be made for one array. Also, the version of touring and 

   outdoor one can be supplied if the customer requests. 

- Strong enclosure- VOID FREE 

   Selection of wood and bonded process system are important source for high quality speaker. CLA series was made of premium 

   Birch plywood which made in North Europe and there is no resonance according to vacant in plywood. The increasing durability

   and minimization of leaking sound can be possible by ‘DADO’ connection method of enclosure that made by the premium wood 

   and the accurate process. 

- Support of EASE, EASE Focus data 

   CLA-K series basically supports the EASE DATA that supports the “EASE FOCUS” software. The EASE Focus supports the

   simple simulation for installation companies and operators and they do not need to purchase this software because it can be 

   downloaded at the internet. For more exact simulation, the system designer can test the same file at EASE software, and it 

   can be estimated more accurately by 3D type of data.


Type2Way Bi-amp Compact Line Array SpeakerLine Array Subwoofer
Frequency Range (±3dB)150Hz ~ 20kHz37Hz ~ 2kHz
Frequency Response (-10dB)103Hz ~ 20kHz30Hz ~ 3kHz
Rated Power (AES)LF : 450W/HF : 60W800W
Rated Power (Program)LF : 900W/HF : 120W1600W
Rated Power (Peak)LF : 1800W/HF : 240W3200W
Recommended Amplifier PowerLF : 900W/HF : 120W1600W
Sensitivity (1W/1m)LF : 98dB SPL/HF : 105dB SPL98dB
Maximum SPL (Peak)LF : 124.6dB
HF : 122.69dB
Nominal Dispersion90° H/10° VOMNI
Nominal ImpedanceLF : 16Ω/HF : 16Ω
Crossover Point1,400Hz, 24dB/oct, LR Filter 100Hz, 24dB/oct, LR Filter
LF Driver8" Woofer 2" voice coil18" Woofer 4" voice coil
HF Driver1" Twitter 1.4" voice coil-
HornConstant directivity horn 
with Precision waveguide
Enclosure Material15T Birch Plywood, Polyurea Coating15T Birch Plywood, Polyurea Coating
GrilleSECC 1.5t, Powder Coating / BLACKSECC 1.5t, Powder Coating / BLACK
Connection2 X SPEAKON (1+,1- : LF / 2+,2- : HF) [Parallel]2 X SPEAKON(1+,1-) [Parallel]
Fittings/Suspension4Point flying rigging
0°~10° variable angle(1°step)
4Point flying rigging
FinishPolyurea CoatingPolyurea Coating
Weights (Net)25.96kg/58.9lb52.16kg
Dimensions (Net, W×H×D)694×256×486mm/27.3×10.1×19.1in694×520×870mm/27.3×20.5×34.3in
Optional AccessoriesCLA-8K FrameCLA-8K Frame


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