The new L-Series Power Amplifiers deliver high-efficiency and powerful sonic performance for audio professionals.

Our engineers used Class-H technology to create amplifiers with high efficiency and improved reliability. Extensive 

protection circuitry guards against over-voltage and excessive current, temperature-related problems, shorted outputs, 

and DC voltages. 

Additionally, clip-limiting circuitry, variable-speed cooling fans, and a damping factor greater than 400, combine together 

to make impressive high-power professional amplifiers. All models feature popular connectors for inputs and outputs: balanced

inputs (combination 1/4” TRS and XLR); and locking speaker connectors and 5-way binding posts on the outputs. 

This combination of advanced design and extensive protection circuitry offers you reliability, stability, and exceptional performance 

for the most exacting sound reinforcement applications.


- 2Ω - load stable per channel, 4Ω - load stable in bridge mono

- 2U rack space

- Selectable High Pass Filter on each channel

- Clip limiter circuitry

- Forced air cooled (front panel intake, rear panel exhaust)

- Front panel indicators for different operating modes

- Front panel indicators for output signal level, clip, protect, and power

- Rack Ears for permanent installation in a standard 19” (rack mount width) enclosure.

- Detachable AC power cord


MODEL L1400 L1800 L2400 L3000
Power Output Level STEREO 1kHz both channels driven
RL=8Ω @  0.1% THD 280W 360W 500W 650W
RL=4Ω @  0.1% THD 450W 600W 750W 1000W
RL=2Ω @  0.5% THD 700W 900W 1200W 1500W
BRIDGED RL=8Ω 1kHz @  0.1% THD 900W 1200W 1500W 2000W
RL=4Ω 1kHz @  0.5% THD 1400W 1800W 2400W 3000W
Frequency Response RL=8Ω, P=1W   20Hz~20kHz: ±0/1dB, 5Hz~70kHz: -3dB
Total Harmonic Distortion
f=20Hz~20kHz, Half Power(L800/1400)
STEREO RL=8Ω & 4Ω ≤0.03%
BRIDGED RL=8Ω ≤0.03%
Channel Separation Half Power RL=8Ω, f=1kHz, ATT. max. Input 600Ω Shunt ≥80dB
Residual Noise(DIN Audio Filter) ≤-85dB: ATT min.
Signal-to-Noise Ratio DIN Audio, Input 600Ω Shunt ≥100dB
Input Sensitivity (Rated Power into 4Ω 1kHz) 2.7dBu 3.5dBu 3.5dBu 3.5dBu
Damping Factor RL=8Ω, f=1kHz ≥400
Voltage Gain (ATT max.) 4Ω at 1kHz 32dB 33dB 34dB 38.5dB
Output Circuitry AB Class H Class H Class H Class
Input Impedance  (ATT max.) ≥20kΩ (Balance/Unbalance)
Indicators Power (Blue)
Clip/Limiter (Red)
Signal (Green)
Protection (Red)
Mode Selector (Yellow)
Protection Power SW ON/OFF muting, Full Short circuit, Thermal protection, RF protection
Fan Circuit Low-Speed - Variable - Hi-Speed
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +40°C
Power Source AC 100–240V, 50/60Hz
(Supplied AC mains transformer depends on country requirements)
Power Consumption(1/8 POWER) AC 100V-120V Both Channel Driven RL=4Ω 7A 8A 9A 11A
AC 230V-240V Both Channel Driven RL=4Ω 3.5A 4A 4.5A 5A
Weight 14.4kg/31.7lb 15kg/33lb 15.6kg/34.6lb 19.5kg/39.5lb
Dimensions 482(W) x 88(H) x 369(D)mm / 19(W) x 3.5(H) x 14.5(D)in
Connector Inputs: balanced combination connector(XLR type+1/4″ TRS)
Outputs: 5-Way binding posts x 2, Speakon Terminal x 2

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