The SC-6224 is a 24 channel speaker line checker that tests speaker line impedance.
It automatically performs tests on speaker line by program timer that indicates a status with LED indicator.


 - Check the status of each speaker line with LED.

- Setting the test time interval and automatic test

   The test time intervals can be set from 5 to 200 minutes by user request.

 - Use of high frequency test signal

   It uses the high frequency test signal when checking out the speaker line, so it may be inaudible to listener.

 - Speaker impedance measuring error range setting

   Speaker impedance measuring error range can be set as 10% or 20%.


Test Impedance Range 20Ω~3kΩ
Test Duration (per channel) less than 100msec/channel
Test Interval (selectable) 5min ~ 200min
Number of Channels 24 Channel
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ +40℃
Power Source DC 24V, 200mA
Weight (SET) 4.4Kg/9.7lb
Dimensions (SET) 482(W)×88(H)×280(D)mm/19(W)x3.5(H)x11(D)in
LINK IN/OUT Cable UTP Cable (500mm)

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