The DPA-O Series is a amplifier operate in 4 – 8 ohm/ 70V/ 100V modes and are capable of delivering a total 

1200 watts of Power. 

Respectively housed in 2 RU compact chassis, these Class D amplifiers offer High power in reduced size and weight.

The combination Class D topology amplification circuitry combined with SMPS (Switch mode Power Supplies) creates 

a high efficiency amplifier offering reduced power consumption and low heat dissipation. 

The DPA-O Series offers both low impedance and High impedance outputs in one package Ideal for applications where

high power and large quantity of long-line speaker installation is required such as Airports Arena, shopping malls, 

transportation stadiums or any large scale facilities.


- High Performance Class-D Power PA Amplifier

  High performance Class-D Power amplifiers produce 300/600/900/1200W rated power each channel.


- Emergency Power Back Up (24VDC) Capability

  The unit operates on a DC24 V battery power supply for emergency back up without UPS (DPA-SO models 

  are not included with emergency power back Up (24VDC))


- Rated Output Power Via DC Backup Supply

  Output power can be maintained as AC power when 24VDC power supplied.


- Advanced Power Circuitry Design

  The combination Class-D type amplification circuitry combined with SMPS creates a high efficiency amplifier

  offering reduced power consumption and low heat dissipation and weight.


- High Quality Sound Design

  The total harmonic distortion is reduced to less than 0.03% THD, with a high signal to noise S /N ratio of over 103dB


- Advanced Protection Circuitry

  Advanced protection circuitry guards against overheating, shorted outputs, DC output, overloads and

  mismatched power


- A Variety of operation Indicators

  Signal, -10dB signal level, Clip, Protection and system power (AC, DC, STBY) indicators


- Balanced Input

  This connection is used to ensure the lowest noise operation which eliminates the common noise from the cable.


- Remote Power ON/OFF

  The remote power allows the amplifier to be turned on or off from a distance or other device via dry contact closure.



  PGM is interrupted and over ridden by the Priority input, when a contact closure is received on the PRI select terminal. 

  This is Ideal for Emergency message broadcasting applications.


Rated Output Power (T.H.D 0.1%, AES17) 300W 600W 900W 1200W
Peak Power 480W 680W 1050W 1260W
Output Level/Impedance 100V/33.3Ω 100V/16.6Ω 100V/11.1Ω 100V/8.3Ω
70V/16.3Ω 70V/8.1Ω 70V/5.4Ω 70V/4Ω
49V/8Ω 69.3V/8Ω 84.9V/8Ω 98V/8Ω
Input Sensitivity 1V/10kΩ
T.H.D (AES17) Rated Power Less than 0.1%
1/3 Power Less than 0.03%
S/N (20kHz LPF) More than 103dB
Frequency Response (1W, ±3dB) 50Hz ~ 20kHz 60Hz ~ 20kHz
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +40°C
Power Source  AC 120–240V, 50/60Hz
(Supplied AC mains transformer depends on country requirements)
Power Consumption (1/8 Power) 130W 250W
Weight (SET) 6.1kg/13.5lb 6.1kg/13.5lb 6.3kg/13.7lb 6.3kg/13.7lb
Dimensions (SET) 482(W)x88(H)x397(D)mm / 19(W)x3.5(H)x15.6(D)in

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