The DPA-130DC and DPA-230DC are each a single channel 300W amplifier and a dual channel 600W amplifier respectively housed in 

1 RU compact chassis. These Class D amplifiers offer High power in reduced size and weight. 

The combination Class D type amplification circuitry combined with SMPS (Switch mode Power Supplies) creates a high efficiency 

amplifier offering reduced power consumption and low heat dissipation. 

These models features a built in DC Battery backup circuit. Ideal for applications where high power and large quantity 

of long-line speaker installation is required such as Airports Arena, shopping malls, transportation stadiums or any large scale facilities.


- 1U rack size

- High power PA amplifier, 300W(DPA-130DC) /300W x 2(DPA-230DC)

- Operating for Emergency power (DC 24V)

- Independent SMPS(switching-mode power supply) for each channel

- Low power consumption, low heat dissipation and light weight

- High quality (THD less then 0.03% for 100W and less than 0.03% for 300W, S/N. over than 100dB)

- Protection circuitry (over heat, over current, speaker short, DC protection)

- High-pass filter switch (65Hz / 400Hz)

- Various displays (-30dB, -10dB signal level, signal clip, protection LED indicator)

- Balanced input

- Remote power control

- Parallel mode

- scleot the of volume control range (-∞ or -12dB) (Service personnel only)


Rated Output Power (1kHz, 33.3Ω)
  Rated Output Power (T.H.D 0.1%, AES17) 300W 300W x 2CH
  Output Voltage/Impedance 100V / 33.3Ω
Input Sensitivity/Impedance 1V / 10 KΩ Balance
T.H.D (ASE17)
   Rated (300W, 1kHz) Less than 0.1 %
        Prated (100W, 1kHz) Less than 0.03%
S/N (20kHz LPF, A-WTD) Over than 100 dB
  High Frequency Response (1W ,+1dB, -3dB) Over than 20 kHz
  Low Frequency Response (1W, -3dB±2dB)
   High Pass Filter Off 65Hz
   High Pass Filter On 400Hz 
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +40°C
Power Source AC 220-240V 50/60Hz, DC 24V
Power Consumption (   Pmax ) 150W
Weight (Set) 6.8kg / 14.9lb 8.3kg / 18.2lb
Dimensions (Set) 482(W) x 44(H) x 420(D)mm/19(W) x 1.7(H) x 16.5(D)in

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