The R-PLUS Series are a dual-channel, high-performance amplifiers. Their clear, open sound and quiet operation

make them ideal for reference systems and church sound applications. Inputs are via balanced XLR or 1/4”

connectors, outputs are via rugged five-way binding post connectors. 

All units have soft-start protection circuitry and feature signal, protection and clip indicators on the front panel. 

For added versatility, they may be operated in stereo, dual mono or bridged mono mode. 

They have front panel mounted mains switch, level controls and indicators for power, protection, clip and signal present. 

Convection-cooling provides noise-free ventilation for critical applications.

Mains inlet is via an iec connector. The R-PLUS Series amplifiers are powered by 100-120VAC or 220-240VAC

50/60Hz(depending on country requirements) and are packaged in a 3.5” (2RU) rack mount enclosures.


- 4Ω stable per channel (stereo), 8Ω stable (bridge mono)

- 2U rack space

- Front panel indicators for signal strength, clip, protect, and power

- Rack Ears for permanent installation in a standard 19” (rack mount width) enclosure.

- Detachable AC power cord


Power Output Level STEREO 8Ω(T.H.D 0.5%) 50W 100W 170W
4Ω(T.H.D 0.5%) 75W 150W 250W
8Ω(T.H.D 0.5%) 170W 330W 500W
BRIDGED MONO 8Ω(T.H.D 0.05%) 150W 300W 460W
Frequency Response 20Hz~20kHz(±0.5dB)
T.H.D (20Hz~20kHz, half power) ≤0.1%
Channel Separation (half power 8Ω) ≥70dB
Residual Noise ≤-80dB
Signal to Noise Ratio ≥100dB
Input Sensitivity (rated power into 4Ω at 1kHz) 0dBm
Indicators Function Color
Clip/Limiter RED
Signal GREEN
Protection RED
Protection Power ON/OFF muting, short circuit and thermal
Power Source AC 100–240V, 50/60Hz
(Supplied AC mains transformer depends on country requirements)
Power Consumption (1/8 POWER) 170W 250W 480W
  100V-120VAC Both Channel Driven RL=4Ω 3A 4.8A 7.8A
  230V-240VAC Both Channel Driven RL=4Ω 1.5A 2.4A 3.9A
Weight 7.2kg/15.9lb 8.4kg/18.5lb 10.4kg/22.
Dimensions 482(W) x 88(H) x 317(D)mm/19(W) x 3.5(H) x 12.5(D)in

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