NLA-5 is designed in compact size to avoid the limitation of line array speaker in small-sized venue. Two units of 5” high performance woofer driver are equipped with individual housing, and one 1” high power titanium compression driver is equipped with waveguide to form a line sound of upper range for line array speaker. 

For NLA-5, several cabinets are supposed to be vertically arrayed, and the maximum quantity of the unit is 8 pieces. Each speaker can be adjusted from 0° to 10° vertically, and different type has different increment unit: Bolt type is 5°, and pin type is 1°. According to each speaker’s vertical angle adjustment, the whole speaker array’s direction angle is decided. 

In full range array composition, it is able to play wide frequency with NLA-5 array speaker, and also user can add NLA-15S subwoofer for concert and event which need more powerful bass. The NLA-15S can be flying with NLA-5, or separately stacked to the ground. The front of NLA-5 is equipped with steel-made flying tools so that it can be hanging in the air. It supports two types of rigging for convenient installation: Bolt type and pin type. The rear of NLA-5 has two Speakon connectors for direct connection or parallel connection with power amplifier. 

The NLA-5 are equipped with 2 parallel NL4 connectors for easy looping of the cabinet’s audio signal. One 2-channel amplifier can drive up to 8 cabinets. (4 cabinets per channel) The front grill is made of 14 gauge durable mesh and powder-coated for a durable finish. It supports bolt type and pin type for easy installation. 

For applications where extended low frequency is required, the NLA-5 can be coupled with the matching NLA-15S subwoofer. The NLA-15S Subwoofer incorporates a single 15 inch front loaded woofer in a vented cabinet with a matching footprint to the NLA-5. The NLA-15S subwoofer cabinet can seamlessly be flown with the NLA-5 or installed in a ground stack. The NLA-15S subwoofer was designed specifically for use with the NLA-5 arrays and is suitable for small to medium sound reinforcement applications.


High quality driver
NLA-5 series adapts a high quality driver for dynamic sound and rich bass. NLA-5’s driver shows steady performance, high durability, and high input allowance for stable operation in various environments. LF driver uses forced cooldown method to maximize heat efficiency. HF titanium driver can play clear and undistorted sound with low THD.
NLA-15S is a subwoofer with high power driver which can be used with NLA-5, or independently under the occasion. High power Long-Excursion cone type woofer in NLA-15S is equipped at front side, and woofer’s rear exhaust sound helps to boost its bass via port.

High frequency wave guide 
The NLA-5 Series line array uses a linear waveguides to normalize the propagation distance from the throat to the mouth. This minimize the mutual interference between the cabinets. The waveguide has multiple segments changing the source into identical small apertures, each equidistant from the inlet aperture. The result is minimal rise at the mouth approximating a planar wave shape. This enables adjacent loudspeakers to sum without interference at high frequencies.

Compact acoustic enclosure 
Modular type speakers such as modern line array speaker are designed with compactsized enclosure for harmonious look with interior design. High density sound absorbing material also allows the speaker to play clear sound by preventing internal resonance. 

Robust rigging system 
NLA series supports bolt type and pin type system for convenient installation. The rigging system in NLA-5 is designed to safe flying installation. From 0° to 10°, the user can adjust its angle: Bolt type increment unit is 5°, and pin type increment unit is 1°. For the safety issue, the rigging system can stand up to 5 times of its weight when 8 units are hanging (NLA-5) and 2 units are hanging (NLA-15S) respectively. 

Strong enclosure - VOID FREE 
The wood material and its process are important for high quality speakers. An enclosure, which is made of a select wood and CNC process, uses DADO bonded process to maximize its durability and minimize sound leakage. Sound-optimized wood enclosure is finished by high quality painting abide by RoHS.

EASE data 
EASE data is available for the NLA series speakers. EASE data is used to assist in the rendering a simulation speaker performance during the design of a venue. This helps to predict dispersion and intelligibility of the system and assists the designer in the positioning of the drivers prior to installation. EASE is the industry-standard software that allows the creation of a 3D acoustic model of any room and the simulation of a sound system in that room. 

Advanced crossover network 
The NLA-5 crossover is manufactured using high quality components. Its custom design is tuned to offers a very smooth frequency response over an expanded frequency range and maximizes the SPL of the High frequency and Low frequency drivers. The crossover is mounted on Aluminum panel for better heat dissipation and incorporates a speaker protection circuitry that protects the drivers from damage. The use of passive crossover permits the NLA to be powered by a single amplifier channel. One 2-channel amplifier can drive up to 8 cabinets. 


Model NLA-5 NLA-15S
Type Dual 5"2Way Passive Line Array 15"Line Array Subwoofer
Frequency Range (±3dB) 122Hz ~ 20kHz 67Hz ~ 2.8kHz
Frequency Response (-10dB) 81Hz ~ 20kHz 28Hz ~ 3.5kHz
Rated Power (AES) 150W 600W
Rated Power (Program) 300W 1200W
Rated Power (Peak) 600W 2400W
Recommended Amplifier Power 300W 1200W
Sensitivity (1W/1m) 92dB 99dB
Maximum SPL (Peak) 120dB SPL 133dB
Nominal Dispersion 90° H/10° V OMNI
Nominal Impedance 16Ω
Crossover Point 1,400Hz, 24dB/oct, LR Filter  100Hz, 24dB/oct, LR Filter
LF Driver 2 X Faitel Pro 5FE120 (5") Woofer with 32mm(1.26")  voice coil 1 X EMINENCE KAPPA-15LFA (15") Woofer with 76 mm (3") voice coil
HF Driver 1 X B&C DE14-16 (1") Twitter with 36mm(1.4") voice coil -
Horn Line Array Module -
Enclosure Material EUCALYPTUS 15T, Textured black RoHS compliant paint EUCALYPTUS 15T, Textured black RoHS compliant paint
Grille SECC 1.5t, Powder Coating / BLACK SECC 1.5t, Powder Coating / BLACK
Connection 2×Speakon SP4 (1+,1-) [Parallel] 2 X SPEAKON(1+,1-) [Parallel]
Fittings/Suspension 4Point flying rigging
0°~10° variable angle(1°step)
4Point flying rigging
Finish Textured black RoHS compliant paint Textured black RoHS compliant paint
Weights (Net) 11.61kg/25.1lb 32.31kg/70.3lb
Dimensions (Net, W×H×D) 477×181×308mm/18.8×6.7×14.3in 477×518×741mm/18.8×19.9×29.2in
Optional Accessories  NLA-5 Frame (Bolt/Pin type)  NLA-5 Frame (Bolt/Pin type)


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