2017 ISE in Amsterdam

Feb 7, 2017

The ISE 2017 exhibition was held at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from February 7th to 10th.

Inter-M participated in the exhibition with the concept of "Integrated Audio Systems for Every Environment".

Through many years of product development, system configuration, installation experience, 

we have been able to inform many visitors and buyers about the importance of speaker 

selection according to the design order and installation environment of the sound system.

The Inter-M booth is divided into three sections according to its place: Religious facilities, Educational facilities, 

and Commercial facilities; and two sections according to product type: Speakers and Amplifiers.

From every speaker to controller, amplifier and source, we were able to build the equipment at every stage of the sound system to guide the 

configuration and demonstration of the sound system.

The above picture shows the religious facilities section.

We had introduced Inter-M’s representative point source speaker lineup that can be applied to religious facilities of various sizes 

and structures ranging from 8Ω and high impedance, which are SE-T, SQ-T Series and portable loudspeaker IX8HT.

The CDR-01 is a multi-source player which is capable of recording live music, and mixed it with a 

sound processor CSP-4.8 and an audio mixer MX-1646

The following is an educational facility section that introduces sound systems that can be used in environments such as classrooms, classrooms, and training centers.

We have proposed a solution for configuring the system with various functions and mixing amplifier’s output level

The solution consists of mixing amplifiers such as the MA-110, PA-120A and PMU-600NA and a remote mic RM-05A with zone control, and we have guided customers through an application that simply builds a sound system with one device.

The NPX system not only allows you to selectively broadcast a variety of sources, but also allows inputting and selecting the desired sound source, or adjusting the volume through the local machines installed on the wall.

Although it may seem a little complicated, we have shown the connection lines so that visitors can easily follow the flow of audio and data. We have installed the local machines on the wall to be able to touch and operate them, which has helped to attract and understand visitors.

In the speaker section, the column speakers CU series (CU-420FO, CU-440F, CU-610MV, CU-630M), fashion speakers WS series (WS-15T, WS-30T, WS-50T, WS-80T), and ceiling speakers CS series (CS-610F, CS-620FH, and CS-630FH).

In another section, we exhibited ceiling speakers opened their grills to show the inside of the speaker and exposed the driver. We connected column speakers to the PMU-240NA, a mixing amplifier with network streaming and touch screen, so that visitors can listen and demonstrate the excellent sound quality of the Inter-M products.

And in the Amp/Transmission section, we showcased mixing amplifiers with a variety of output and functions, and equipment for long range audio / data transmission.

We also introduced Inter-M's new products such as MA-103 and PA-60A in the mixing amplifier.

For the transmission equipment, we exhibited the AOE-102N and RFA-102, which transmit and receive audio and data over Ethernet (LAN / WAN).

A meeting room was also set up on one side of the booth, and meetings were held to organize the exhibition more effectively as well as with customers.

In addition, the reorganized Inter-M’s official website was introduced to the customers during the meeting.

To put it in a nutshell, Inter-M successfully introduced new products and technology which will give more possibility in audio, video and information technology industry to Europe and other countries through ISE 2017 show. 


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