The main function of the Paging System to make announcements in various purposed venues like a hospital, café and government to numerous people. Moreover, each zone can be separately controlled and it receives messages independently for better communication.

  • Fluid Communication

    It is very important to be able to deliver announcements accurately in public places with numerous people. It perfectly suits for both daily broadcasts like announcements and emergency broadcasts to help everyone acknowledge the situation better and faster.

  • Time Scheduler

    Time scheduling function is highly required in places shared with many people. For effective time management, chime bell set for particular time with a message is definitely needed. Paging system has time scheduling function to reserve and send automated broadcast.

  • Simple Control

    Paging system must run stably and conveniently under any circumstances. It is highly user- focused system with separate zone control function. It can select certain zones and deliver messages to the corresponding area only. Also, sound sources for the zone can be easily set to be released.





NPX System

Outline of the NPX System

NPX System is the audio matrix system that sends sound sources to wanted venues selectively.
Its matrix can be extended from standard 8×8 to 32×N.
Depending on the size of the system, various modules are provided to be used in many applications. It particularly suits in hotels, restaurants, seminar room, hospital and conference center etc. because the system can be simply applied to distributed control system with wall-mount controllers and remote microphones and Paging broadcasts.

Advanced Audio Matrix System

  • Flexible audio input/output configuration
  • System expansion via interface module
  • Play sound source through SD card
  • Audio control through DSP
  • PC program for system control and management
  • Interlock with exterior devices using input/output contact closure
  • Remote control via RS-232C/Ethernet

Optimized Devices for Distributed Control System

  • Source and volume control using wall-mount zone controller
  • Wall-mount audio input system, self-broadcasting function using input/output system
  • Remote microphone for Paging broadcast

Easy Control with Operation Program

  • PC program for system setting, management and operation
  • Input/output audio matrix control
  • DSP control(volume, EQ, filter, compressor, limiter)
  • Event scheduler setup
  • Music player control (SD CARD)

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