Emergency broadcast system notifies everyone to evacuate from the building when an emergency situation happens.
Modern society is exposed to a variety of emergency situation, from natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods to man-made disaster such as fire, collapse, explosion, and environmental contamination. Due to this fact, the importance of emergency broadcast system is emphasized as time goes by.

  • Keep Safe

    Emergency broadcast system provides safety information for everyone and sets up an environment for safety.
    In case of disaster/emergency situation such as fire, the system gives exact and clear sound for safe evacuation of everyone in the building.

  • Reliable Operation

    Emergency broadcast system needs to be operated in any circumstance, and consist of reliable products.
    When emergency situations happen, DC power can operate the device despite of blackout, this allows the device to broadcast for certain amount of time with connected battery.
    Our system also provides system status check function to prevent malfunction of the device.

  • Intelligent System

    In case of emergency situation, the system relays emergency messages or siren with the convenience of an automated system.
    The system is also able to each zone in consecutive order followed by pre-set scenario.

  • Indispensable

    For a space filled with many people, the emergency broadcast system is necessary.
    Certain size of buildings in each country must have fire/emergency broadcast system under the national Fire Services Act.
    Inter-M products are designed to meet the requirements and standards.

  • Quick & Efficient

    In case of emergency situation, the emergency broadcast must have a priority over other sound sources and enough sound volume to notify civilians.
    This system induces the earliest evacuation accompanied by immediate action guide with clean and clear sound.





6000 System

6000 System Overview

Inter-M’s representative integrated controllable digital PA broadcast system, 6000 System, realizes both a stability of analog system and a convenience of digital system based on high technology.
The system is consist of Audio Matrix Controller, Emergency Combination System (Relay Group, Speaker Selector, Terminal Board), and also provides 1 BUS / 8 BUS integrated control. It also fulfills stability, compatibility, and convenience to deal with user’s various requirements in a small-sized analog system for office, corporation, and education facilities.
Through PC operation program, it provides user-friendly environment such as remote control and TTS function.

Multi Bus / Zone broadcast Support

  • Able to broadcast up to 160 zone
  • Support multi-bus broadcast up to 8 by each zone
  • Support 32 group broadcast function
  • Support BGM priority broadcast

Cope with Various Emergency Situation

  • Support AC and DC backup power
  • Contact closure, data type of fire receiver (P-type, R-type)
  • Able to set fire broadcast, remote broadcast, and scheduled macro
  • Consecutive broadcast by each zone in case of fire (Scenario)
  • Provide control function to prevent failure of fire contact closure (Deactivation)

Provide Paging Broadcast Function

  • Able to connect 32 remote microphones at maximum
  • Support paging broadcast through client PC microphone
  • Able to do paging broadcast via phone

Provide Operational Convenience

  • Support remote control of various sound sources through OS (MP3, CD, TUNER, etc.)
  • PC based real-time remote control (Monitoring, Operation, Failure detect)
  • Monitoring and control function for additional devices (Power distributor, Battery charger, Speaker line, Amplifier)
  • Schedule broadcast management by holiday management function
  • Support sound source mixing, volume, and 7band EQ via built-in DSP
  • Provide OS server-client (5 devices) environment through network

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