Goverment & Military

Government and military facilities are shared by many people. Well organized emergency broadcast systems are definitely crucial in order to work corporately and efficiently. With the chime functions we have, Inter-M can fulfill your space with efficiency and punctuality.

  • Government Facility

    Government facilities are composed of several different-purposed offices. The Paging system functions to call out a person or make an announcements, an emergency broadcast system can help fluent communication and respond to the emergency situations making your working environment safer and more efficient!

  • Scheduling

  • Alarm and chime

  • Announcement

  • BGM

  • Emergency

  • AC/DC power

System Block Diagram


Integrated broadcast system with emergency broadcast function is definitely a need in government facilities for more efficiency and safety.
Fill the building with the 10W ceiling speakers CS-10A and use the multi-channel amplifier, DPA300D to compose the sound system.
The ECS-6216P, the main controller of the 6000 1 bus system, has integrated system of fire emergency function, speaker selector and relay group. It also has DC power to be used when AC power is unavailable. BGM can be played using several source devices. Use the remote microphones to make announcements. If scheduling function is needed, interlock the program timer, PW-6242A with multi voice file device, PV-6232 to broadcast anytime when you want.

BOM (Bill of materials)

Model name Qty Description
Source CD-6208 1 Multi Source Player
NTU-100 1 Network Tuner
RM-02 1 Gooseneck Dynamic Microphone
ARM-911A 1 Automatic Remote Message
PW-6242A 1 Program Timer
PV-6232 1 Multi Voice File
RM-6024 1 System Remote Microphone Station
Controller PP-6213 1 9CH Pre Amplifier
EP-6216 1 Emergency Panel
ECS-6216P 1 Emergency Combination System
ECS-6216S 1 Emergency Combination System
PD-6359 1 Power Distributor
PB-6207 1 Battery Charger
DIB-6000 1 Direct Box
PO-6106 1 Program Distributor
Amplifier DPA-300D 2 300W, 2CH, Digital Power Amplifier
PM-6228 1 Monitor Panel
AFD-6218 1 9CH(Spare 1CH), Amp Fault Detector
Speaker CS-10A 40 10W, Ceiling Speaker
SC-6224 2 Speaker Line Checker

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