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Sound solutions from Inter-M can be applied to suit for various venues such as restaurants and retail stores. Inter-M's full line of sound systems allow store owners and guests alike to enhance the atmosphere more vividly and with energy. Easy to operate, sound systems from Inter-M are designed to perfectly suit all sizes of the venues by T.P.O(Time, Place, Occasion).


    Background music is one of the most important factors of a good coffee shop. Constant play of customized high quality music will make customers want to come back next time. It not only forms a friendly and lively environment but also helps prevent noise of other people talking interrupts one's own conversation. Sound solutions from Inter-M are simple and easy to operate, but offers supreme quality sound with adequate sound pressure.
    Make your customers feel at home!

  • BGM

System Block Diagram


There are a lot of people who enjoy drinking a tea, have a fun conversation and hold a meeting in a coffee shop. Therefore, background music is necessary to create a good atmosphere and comfort-able environment. In this case, a small BGM system consisting of compact speaker and mixer amplifier is suitable. It is easy to play music required in the cafe by connecting USB including sound sources to mixer amplifier or Internet radio. Various audio sources are mixed and ampli-fied in PMU-240N and come out through WS-50T which is an installation speaker with elegant design.

BOM (Bill of materials)

Model name Qty Description
Amplifier PMU-240N 1 240W, Network Streaming Mixing Amplifier
Speaker WS-50T 4 5”, 50W, Installation Speaker

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