An educational facility is a place for students and instructors that communicate with each other. We study and acquire information in various educational facilities such as classroom, auditorium, training institute, and dormitory. In such facilities, we need to have a higher concentration of audiences for effective education through clear voice delivery. With Inter-M PA sound system, it enables users to have stable and steady broadcast without dead spot. In addition, its system considers a size and a purpose of the space to provide more stable broadcast service.

  • Classroom

    A purpose of classroom is delivering information to students with sound. Not only for courses, different types of language test are performed in classroom, so a sound quality in here is significant. Inter-M's broadcast system is easy to use, and also provide clear sound.
    Our system considers a characteristic of space to minimize dead spot for precise sound delivery. With its higher educational efficiency and superior sound quality, you can set up satisfying educational environment for everyone using Inter-M's classroom sound system.

  • Delivery of
    clear sound

System Block Diagram


In classroom for both lecturer and sudent, compact system is suitable which is composed with simple audio source and portable amplifier.
The lecturer can deliver her/ his voice with dynamic microphone(MD-30S), and also simply select and play sound source for the lecture by connecting a cellphone.
Through a portable amplifier (MA-110), each audio source is mixing and amplified to output its sound by installation speaker(WS-30T)

BOM (Bill of materials)

Model name Qty Description
Source MD-30S 1 Dynamic Microphone
Amplifier MA-110 1 100W, Portable Amplifier
Speaker WS-30T 2 4”, 3W, Installation Speaker

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